GB Responder Features & Benefits

  • Create unlimited autoresponders and capture leads from multiple sources including websites, blogs and discussion forums.

  • Get multiple opportunities to turn a lead into a customer with unlimited follow-up messages. Let GbResponder put your sales process on autopilot for you. For example, you could set your autoresponder to send out a sales message every day for you for the next 3 years and NEVER ONCE actually have to speak to a lead.

  • Save yourself the nightmares and headaches of figuring out how to get your email delivered to your leads:

  • Let our dedicated team of whitelisting engineers work tirelessly on your behalf to build relationships with anti-spam organizations, ISPs, blacklist managers, etc.

  • Leverage Goldbar's email delivery knowledge and years of experience to keep up-to-date with the latest email marketing trends, legislation and best practices.

  • Depend on our reputation with ISPs and major email accreditation agencies to guarantee your email gets delivered to the inboxes of your leads

  • Before choosing any Email Service Provider make sure they provide the EXACT same services or your email will just end up in a black hole.

  • Get your messages delivered to all your leads in record time. Our email servers are all capable of handling over 1 million messages per hour and our engineers are constantly testing and tweaking our system to get the absolute best autoresponder speed while still keeping the receiving ISPs happy.

  • Have an existing list you would like to import into GbResponder but do not want to send out a verification message? Well, as long as the list members are all confirmed opt-in, you can simply contact our friendly customer support staff and request an import.

  • Generic verification emails are one of the biggest list killers. This is why GbResponder allows you to write your own verification emails. Since you know what makes your target market jump into action, who better to write your verification emails than you.

  • GbResponder automatically insures the email messages you send to your leads are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant.

Signup With GBResponder Today

As a responsible Email Service Provider, GBResponder interviews each prospective client before allowing them onto our service. Click here to open a support ticket. You will be contacted by a member of our staff who will be able to determine if you are appropriate for our service and then help you get setup.

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